Financial support

No matter what kind of land you own or manage, we can provide information, advice and support with funding across the Northern Forest area.

Up to 100% funding for woodland creation

Through the Northern Forest partnership, we can provide generous grants and tailored advice and support for your woodland creation project. Our grants are flexible, and we can support projects in both urban and rural areas. Whether you have a small site or several hectares that you'd like to plant, or want to allow your site to develop naturally where possible, we will provide a dedicated Woodland Advisor to support you throughout the planning, funding and planting process. We can also:

  • fund specialist surveys to inform your planned woodland
  • help with the design to make sure you get the most out of your woodland
  • provide advice on tree species selection, supply and planting options
  • help with all the paperwork, especially regulation, to make the process as simple as possible for you.

There are two funding programmes for woodland creation managed by Northern Forest partners. Both schemes can provide flexible funding, including up to 100% capital costs and funding for maintaining your trees after they’ve been planted. Our advisers can help you decide which one is most appropriate for your specific circumstances.

Trees for Climate

The Trees for Climate programme is managed by England’s Community Forests and is funded via the Government’s Nature for Climate fund. This funding is available to everyone with land within a Community Forest area. There are four community forests in the Northern Forest: the Mersey Forest, City of Trees (Greater Manchester), the White Rose Forest and Humber Forest.

Grow Back Greener

The Grow Back Greener programme is led by the Woodland Trust, in partnership with Mersey Forest, City of Trees (Greater Manchester), White Rose Forest and Humber Forest, with funding from the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund.

Both schemes offer:

  • very flexible funding to cover up to 100% of the capital costs of specialist surveys, project design and woodland creation, including creating woodland through natural processes
  • funding for post planting maintenance
  • funding for a wide variety of woodland types in any situation, including low-density woodland in Protected Landscapes like National Parks and AONBs
  • support for both small and large-scale projects
  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments allowed
  • option to register with the Woodland Carbon Code
  • support for fences, gates, paths, benches and more
  • free advice and support from us throughout the design, planning, regulatory and planting process. Our advisers have special expertise in designing and creating new native woodland to maximise the benefits for wildlife.

No matter what kind of land you own or manage, get in touch for more information, advice and support with funding. Email or visit the England Community Forests website.

Be part of something incredible and grow the Northern Forest.