Financial support

There are lots of grants and support available to help you plant trees on your land and help us to create the Northern Forest.

Nature for Climate Fund

Grow Back Greener

The Grow Back Greener programme is led by the Woodland Trust, in partnership with Mersey Forest, Manchester City of Trees, White Rose Forest and Heywoods, with funding from the Nature for Climate Fund

If you own or manage land in the area, you can apply for up to 100% of the costs of woodland creation thanks to a grant from the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund.

We can provide funding and advice in a wide range of situations including:

  • riparian zones, valley sides, open farmland and many other locations
  • to buffer or connect ancient woodland (woodland that has been present since at least 1600 AD) or other existing woods. We can also advise on ancient woodland management
  • using natural processes to create new woodland, particularly in sensitive landscapes like National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

No matter what kind of land you own or manage, get in touch for more information, advice and support with funding.

This is your chance to be part of something incredible and grow back greener with the Northern Forest.

Get in touch today –

Trees for Climate

The Trees for Climate programme is led by England’s Community Forests with funding from the Nature for Climate Fund.

Get in touch with your local Community Forest to find out more about Trees for Climate and to see what funding is available for your tree planting project.


You can also apply for subsidised trees through the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods scheme.